Enhanced Team Feedback

Employees crave feedback from their managers like they crave a jelly doughnut on a Saturday morning! Motivosity Feedback opens up the dialog between a manager and employee.  Managers have context for the feedback by gathering 360-degree input and by seeing the recognition the employee has received from peers over time.  For most organizations, this kind of feedback conversation doesn’t happen because managers don’t know where to start.  Motivosity makes it easy.

In our recent enhancements to Motivosity Feedback you'll notice the following changes.

Improved Employee Tiles

When you navigate to "My Team" you'll notice the landing page has your team listed on the top of the page.  Each direct report has their own tile.  On the right side of that tile you can see if feedback is due, if it's time to provide feedback, or the last time you gave feedback.  This timeframe is based on the frequency you used to setup feedback inside Setup - Feedback. 

If someone is a manager on your team, you will be able to see what feedback sessions they have provided to their team.  This is found on the right side of the profile picture with the grey box that has 3 dots which represents an "org chart." 

Taking Notes

In order to take notes for a certain employee you will notice the employee tile has a blue circle on the left of the employee profile picture.  These notes will then be added to the notes timeline for future reference when doing feedback sessions.  If you'd like to see these notes to copy and paste them, you can do that by selecting "See all my recent activity" and it will display the notes you've provided.

For more details on note taking, please review this article.

Three or Five Point Scale

Ratings are optional or required based on your configuration.  You also can select if you want a 3 or 5 point scale.  The labels for these scales can be customized as well.

For more information on setting up your three or five point scale, check out this article.

Rename of Goals to Priorities

The goals section at the bottom of feedback is not called priorities.  This was highly requested by customers to ensure the priorities of an employee is in line with the business.  You can add these priorities as part of a feedback session.

Enhanced Analytics

Feedback now includes a 9 box grouping of feedback provided.  Additionally you can see how employees are moving from one rating to another.  For more details on the analytics of feedback please review this article.

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