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Helping Get Stragglers Logged Into Motivosity

Do you have some people who are having a hard time logging into MV?  There are usually a few hold outs in each company, and we'd like to share a few ideas with you on how to help get them into the system.

Focus on Managers

More often than not, when we look at those who haven't logged into MV it usually is a specific department or two.  We'd suggest you first identify if this is the case.  Once you know who the department is, you can see who the supervisor of that department is.  Instead of feeling like you have to go to all 150 unique employees and ask them to login, you might identify that 90% of those 150 people report up through 4 different managers.  Start with those 4 managers!  Ask those managers if they know why so many of their team members are not logged in.  Give the managers a challenge.  "Whichever team can get 100% of employees to login wins a team lunch!" Focusing on 4 people instead of 150 people makes this project not so daunting.

They've Already Got Money to Spend

Odds are, some of the people who haven't logged in, have already received an appreciation and have free money sitting there.  Send a message and them know who has money waiting for them to spend.  No one turns down free Amazon gift cards, so help make it real for them, but showing how much money they have waiting for them.  If they don't have money waiting, maybe you can give them some.  "If you login in the next 2 days, we'll add $10 to your account you can spend on yourself."   

Highlight Cool Redemptions

Find someone in the company who has purchased really awesome gift.  Did someone just get a brand new pair of AllBird shoes?  Have that person share their story with you and then pass it along to those who haven't logged in.  "Jane, just got a free pair of AllBirds and all she had to do was sign into Motivosity and spread some good will!"

Share Top Givers and Receivers Stories

You can identify who your top givers and receivers are.  Go talk to those people and ask them what is work well and why they love Motivosity.  We call these people "MVers" because they are moving your culture into amazing places!  Give them the proverbial microphone and share their story with those who haven't logged in.  That way it isn't "HR pushing an initiative" but a line level employee showing how Motivosity has helped them be happier about being at work.

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