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Adjusting Individual Balances

It is possible that your need to adjust an individual's Giving or Spending balance. This article will show you the steps to make that happen:

  • First, head to the drop-down menu at the top of your screen next to your name and select 'Admin Tools'
  • Select 'Manage Motivosity Bucks' and you should see the 'Individual Balances' section
  • Type in the person you want to change
  • You should see their Giving and Spending Amounts
  • Here you can give them more cash to give or a special cash bonus that is outside the scope of the normal appreciation. 

Note: only add how much you want to give them, not the total of their balance afterward. 

Accidently gave them too much! How do I take it away?

Follow the same steps above. 

When adding the amount you need to decrease put a MINUS (-) symbol in front of the balance you'd like to take away. This will decrease from their balance. 

How does this display for them? 

Once this adjustment is made, if you or they would like to see the history of this adjustment you can do so! This adjustment can only be seen if it was an adjustment to the spending balance. Giving balances are not kept track of. 


Head to the 'My History' tab, select 'Motivosity Bucks' - you should see the adjustment made in the history there. 


Head to the user's profile - Select the 'Motivosity Bucks' tab and you will see the adjustment made in the history there. 

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