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Liking, Commenting, and Dittos


Love scrolling the MV feed?  Be sure to like the appreciation, highlights, and other posts you see from your peers! To do this, simply click the 'thumbs-up' icon on any post!  


You can also comment on any post in Motivosity as well! To do this, all you need to do is click the 'comment' icon and enter your comment.


Have you ever seen a post that you totally agree with and wish you had said the same thing about your peer? There's a ditto button for that!

If you want to "Ditto" an appreciation and add a Motivosity Buck, go ahead and select the "Add a Buck" icon:

From here, you can choose a preset message, or enter a custom message. Then go ahead and select to use either your Giving or Spending money. This will then show up as a comment on the appreciation.

Please note: This will give $1 from either your Spending or Giving balance. This amount is not customizable. 

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