Changing My Country

Note: This step is to be completed by someone with "Admin" rights to Motivosity 

  • Open the desired employee's profile 
  • Select "Edit Profile" 
  • Select the correct country from the "Country" drop down list
  • Select "Save"

Note: This will need to be done for all employees in that country.

Purchasing in Store

  • Select "Store" on the top banner

  • Select the "E Gift," "For a Cause," or "Local Gift" you'd like to buy. 
  • (Note: You'll only see highlighted cards that you have enough money to redeem)
  • Enter the $ amount you'd like to redeem
  • (Note: You'll see the exchange rate from USD - CAD (or currency you've selected)
  • Select "Buy Now"
  • Follow the Redemption Instructions