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Deleting a User

Three Options for Deleting a User

Please Note: The Deleted Users Report has been changed to Deactivated Users Report (Insights > Community and Team > Deactivated Users). Admins now have an option in their Setup > Preferences > Data Retention to preserve deactivated users (This keeps deactivated users and their data available to reactivate). If ‘Data Retention’ is not checked, users will be permanently deleted within 5 days of being deactivated.

1. User Management (EASY ONE)

-> Go to 'Insights'

-> 'Community and Team'

-> 'User Management'

-> Then click the trash can icon next to the user you need to delete!


2. Org Chart (ALSO EASY)-- Go to 'Insights' -> 'Community and Team' -> 

'Org Chart

Then hover your mouse over the user. You will then see a delete option pop up above the profile pic. Click 'Delete' to make them vanish.

3. Team Import(Deleting Multiple Users at Once) 

-> Go to 'Setup

-> 'Team

-> 'Import

-> 'Download Current Template'. This will download an excel sheet and the far right column is 'Action'. Type 'delete' in this column for the user(s) you need to delete. Save the file and upload it. This will also delete any user(s) you selected.

If you accidentally deleted a user, then check out this awesome article here.

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