Display the MV feed on an office TV!

Below are the steps to get the Motivosity home feed to display on an office TV or monitor. Enabling the Kiosk Mode will give you the URL to a public version of your home feed, leaderboard, and other public-display information. 

Something to note: the MV kiosk mode updates automatically every 5 minutes. It is not instantaneous, so don't be worried if you don't see changes immediately!

1. In Motivosity, go to 'Setup' -> 'Integrations' and click on the Kiosk integration. 


2. Click 'Ok' on the screen that pops up after you clicked on the Kiosk integration. This will put the Kiosk mode integration in your current integrations dashboard.

3. Click on 'View Details' next to your Kiosk mode integration. This will provide you with the necessary URL's to display your option of the home dashboard, appreciations, or the leaderboard.

4. Click on the display URL that you desire. You will then have to connect the computer monitor that is displaying the kiosk mode to the TV screen you wish to display the feed on.