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BambooHR Integration Setup


Our integration with Bamboo HR lets you easily sync changes and updates with your employees in your Motivosity environment. The steps below will help walk you through how to get this integration set up!


  1. First things first, the initial step for this sync to work seamlessly, is to manually import a spreadsheet of all your users to Motivosity. This will give BambooHR a reference to review and use to then sync and make these changes. For help on how to do a manual import in Motivosity, please see the following article: Setting Up Your Team


    The BambooHR integration does not support custom fields at this time. If custom fields are being used, please reach out to our amazing Technical Support team by submitting a ticket here.

  2. Once your team has been uploaded (see Step 1) to set up the BambooHR integration, you'll first navigate to the integration page in Motivosity. This can be found by going to Setup > Integrations. After you have navigated to the integration page, go ahead and select the 'BambooHR' tile.
  3. Next, you should see a modal appear that will give you a description of what the integration does. Go ahead and select 'Activate'.
  4. Once you click 'Activate', you'll be brought to the BambooHR setup page. From here, click 'Generate BambooHR Webhook URL'.
  5. Once clicked, the 'Webhook URL' should appear. Have BambooHR open and ready. You will then copy and paste into the Bamboo Webhook Settings area.
  6. Next, from BambooHR you will go ahead and access the following section, Settings > Account > Webhooks, click on ‘Add Webhook
    Please Note: If you do not see the option for "Webhooks", you will need to contact your BambooHR rep and request access to it. Once you have access you are good to move forward.
  7. When you are setting up the Webhook, go ahead and follow the steps below. Please be sure to follow these steps exactly and add these field as you see them here.
  8. Next, go ahead and add the following fields to post:
    • Employee #
    • Status
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Preferred Name
    • Birth Date
    • Work Phone
    • Work Email
    • Hire Date
    • Department
    • Job Title
    • Country
    • Location
    • Supervisor ID
    • Middle Name 
  9. Choose 'JSON' as the format

  10. After, you will paste the URL from Motivosity (Setup > Integration > BambooHR) into the 'Post to URL' field. You can then Decide on frequency.

Dealing with future hires

If you don't want a future hire to sync into Motivosity yet, just don't enter their email address into Bamboo until their hire date.

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