Company Branded Goods

Want to offer an option for your team to redeem Motivosity credit for company-branded gear that they’ll love to use or wear? Look no further - we have a partnership with AXOMO, a swag management platform that allows you to design, produce, and distribute swag on-demand. 


Here’s how you can set up your integration with AXOMO to offer custom company gear:


  • Create Your Swag Store - Set up your custom swag management platform by visiting and scheduling a demo with their team to tailor your store to your employee reward needs. Although your store will be live and ready to order gear within minutes, it’s recommended to allow 2-3 weeks for complete store setup and team onboarding before launching. 

  • Offer As Many Items As You Want - After you create your store, you can choose from hundreds of trending apparel and swag items you can offer on your store for on-demand ordering. They can even bring in pre-existing inventory or warehouse swag items for you to list on your platform. 

  • Add Your Setup Code To Motivosity - Follow the instructions below to add your API Key to your Motivosity account. Your employees will now be able to shop directly from your swag store and use their Motivosity dollars toward some sweet gear to rep your brand!


Completing Your Motivosity + AXOMO Swag Store Integration



To enable company branded goods on Motivosity, head over to the 'Setup' tab, and click on the 'Store' option. If you scroll down, you’ll see a section that says 'Company Branded Goods'. Click on 'Add A New Connection'. There you can type in your information for your AXOMO account.


Note: Your Store ID can be found under your store subscription page on AXOMO above where it says ‘AXOMO Team Contact’ 


You’ll also need to activate your Motivosity + AXOMO integration on your swag store - to do so, head to your AXOMO store and click on the admin panel at the top-left. Then click on the ‘Store Design’ tab and then ‘Plugins’ - select the checkbox for Motivosity and you’re ready to go! 


If you need assistance at any point during the setup process for your integration with AXOMO, please reach out to your store representative or email or