Oops! I accidentally redeemed the wrong card!

So you meant to buy an Amazon card and accidentally clicked Bed, Bath, and Beyond and clicked "Buy Now"? First off, we apologize for this mishap and understand you may feel like Buddy the Elf when someone tries to tell him Santa isn't real.

Sadly, we are unable to refund or exchange your card for two main reasons.

    1. We are not the supplier of the cards. We work through a company called Tango Card to supply the cards to you.

    2. There is no way for us to confirm whether the redeem code has been deleted and hasn't been stored anywhere else on your end.

Though you may reach out to Tango Card's customer support, their response is similar to our second reason. Once you click "Buy Now" on any card and receive the order code, they can not refund or exchange your card.

Here are a couple options to try and make up for this blunder.

    1. Ask around the office to see if anyone wants the card you accidentally purchased.

    2. There are websites out there that will purchase your card back at a small loss to you. Do a search for "sell e-gift cards" and you will find many sites willing to buy your card.

Again, we apologize for this inconvenience and hope your next redeeming experience is much better.