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Email Bounces From Motivosity

If you're getting a bounced email report from Motivosity, there are a few different things to keep in mind!

The first is that the email report is a weekly report that contains anything that bounced in the previous week. If you are seeing bounces that are not expected, please double check the time stamp next to the email in question. If you, for example, think one looks weird because you already changed a user's email address or because you deleted that user, it's likely that the bounce happened before you made the update. If the timestamp reflects a pre-change bounce, you can disregard the notification. 

Please note that the most common cause of the bounced emails is that the email actually is incorrect and is off by one letter or has a different top/second level domain from the real one. 

Less frequent causes of bounce errors include: 

    ·Users blocking our notification email address (

    ·Receiver servers being down - maybe your inboxes went down for maintenance temporarily

    ·Some vacation/away services will report as bounced even though they are successfully delivered to the inbox of the user.

Troubleshooting steps as an admin include: 

    ·Working with IT to whitelist

    ·Emailing the user directly to see if you get a bounce when using your own email (this uncovers incorrect emails very easily)

    ·You should use the provided errors to get you closer to the route of the issue. 

Examples of errors you may see: 

    ·There are many different types of smtp errors, you can learn more about the identification numbers here.

    ·Amazon SES has suppressed sending to this address... - Likely caused by an incorrect email address.

    ·Recipient address rejected... Likely caused by an incorrect email address, a company spam filter, or a user who blocked our address.

    ·Unknown email bounce error... Hard to pin it down as we didn't hear back with a response from your email service. We have seen incorrect email addresses cause this most frequently.

Most likely all of the bounce reports you receive will need to be fixed by you in an upload or by your internal IT team who manages the email services. If you have extra questions, you can definitely reach out to our support team, but there likely won't be much we can do beyond surface level diagnosis.

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