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Access Levels in Motivosity

There are several different access types in Motivosity; user, manager, leader, finance, and admin. Three of these types can be assigned. These are the user, finance, and admin status.

Who gets access to which reports and dashboards

Admin-- 'Admin' users can configure the system, but that doesn't give the access to see all data.

Finance Admin-- 'Finance Admin' can see and manage all finance-related data (Money section of Insights and more) and manage the Funding page of Setup.

Data Access-- The data access role gives the ability to see all information. Normally limited to individuals in HR.

If you want to know what type of access (Admin, Data Access, Finance) gives you the ability to view certain reports and dashboards, then look no further, check out the attached file below!

You can also see who has already had access to Motivosity by heading to 'Insights' > 'Community and Team' > 'User Management'. One the right hand side you'll see the 'A' 'F' and 'DA' options which stand for admin, finance admin and data access. The check marks will show who has access already.

Making Someone an Admin

To give another user admin, data access, or finance rights, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to 'Insight' -> 'Community and Team' -> 'User Management' report

2. Hover your mouse over the user that you want to make an admin and click the pencil icon next to their name.

3. Click Next on the edit profile pop-up and then mark the box next to Admin, Data Access, or Finance.

4. Click Save and this will now give this user the rights you specified.

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