Adding notes is a great way to ensure as a manager you are not missing something important to talk to an employee about.  This could be as simple as a reminder for an upcoming formal feedback session, or a place to document something regarding performance.

Adding a Note

In order to take notes for a certain employee you will notice the employee tile has a blue circle on the left of the employee profile picture.  These notes will then be added to the notes timeline for future reference when doing feedback sessions. 

Viewing Notes

If you'd like to see these notes you can hover over the timeline to see a pop up of previous notes.  To copy and paste them, you can do that by selecting "See all my recent activity" and it will display the notes you've provided.

Adding a Note Downstream

Managers are able to review feedback and notes inside Motivosity by anyone on their team and below.  Leslie for example has April as a direct report and April has 2 people on her team.  This is known by the employee tile.  If the employee has a small grey box with three dots on it (org chart symbol) then the manager can see that employee's team.

When you click the grey circle you will see those on their team.  As an upstream leader, Leslie can add a note to Eugene's profile by selecting the blue circle with a note on it.


Notes will not be visible to the employee.  They are however visible to the manager, and those upstream from the manager.  The "upstream" structure is based on your org chart.  In Andy's case he reports to Leslie who reports to Ron who reports to Paul.  That means all notes and feedback sessions are visible to Leslie, Ron, and Paul.