What is the difference between a 1 on 1 and Feedback?

Giving Feedback

Navigate to "Lead" and then select the employee you'd like to give feedback to.  You will see two different questions.  These are defaulted to "Job Results" and "Values Fit."  These can be customized by your Motivosity Admin but the change will be made for your entire company.  This article provides more details on customizing feedback. 

Your job results and values fit may be a scale of either three or five.  Selecting one of these options may or may not be required depending on how your Motivosity Administrator has configured the setup of feedback.

Next to each rating is an open text box.  This is a great place to enter notes, KPI's, OKR's, Coaching for Growth notes, or any other company-specific way you track formal feedback.  The intent of these feedback conversations is to provide coaching or feedback to the employee about how they could get great job results and how to live the company values.

The final section is "Priorities."  You will see on the left side of the screen previous priorities that have been logged.  On the right, you can add current priorities the employee is working on.  Those items entered into the priorities box will be displayed in the Previous Priorities section after saved.

On the bottom of the feedback page, you will see that you can keep the feedback private for 15 days.  If you do not select that box, the feedback will be made visible immediately to the employee.

Editing Previous Feedback 

After you have saved a feedback session you and then navigate back to that feedback in the "Previous Feedback" dashboard on the right of the screen.  Select "Details" for the session you'd like to edit, and then select "Edit" at the bottom of the page.

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