All data here is company-wide for leaders and admins, for managers from them downwards, and not visible for users.                


Company 1 on 1s

This panel shows the total number of 1 on 1s held in the company, the subtext is the percentage of employees having a 1 on 1. The second panel is the average interval for scheduled 1 on 1s per person. (e.g. company-wide, the average is every 7 days or every 30 days. Only scheduled 1 on 1s count in this number.

1 on 1 Coverage

This panel shows defaulted by department group is the % of people in that group that had at least one 1 on 1 in the selected period.   


1 on 1's by Week Day

This panel shows 1 on 1's by weekday for the selected period of time. 

Six Month 1 on 1 Coverage

This panel shows a trend of the overall coverage by month for the previous six months.