What is the difference between a 1 on 1 and Feedback?


A 1 on 1 is a meeting between a manager and one of that manager’s direct reports. The 1 on 1 tab will include the ability to conduct, prepare for, and schedule 1 on 1s. You can access this tab through the ‘Manage’ link in the navigation menu. Users in a company that have the 'Lead' product and who have direct reports will see this menu option.

Conducting a 1 on 1 

Any time a manager clicks the 'Play' icon, it opens the 1 on 1 modal. The modal is the same for a scheduled 1 on 1 or a one-off 1 on 1 where the user has no scheduled meeting. If someone is a manager, their avatar outline color is the dark blue. 

If there are existing agenda items, they will appear under the ‘Repeating Agenda Items’ and ‘Other Agenda Items’ areas. When a 1 on 1 is scheduled and there are no repeating agenda items, you can drag agenda items there that you want on every 1 on 1. Agenda items added by the manager are always blue. Agenda items added by the direct report are always purple. If a direct report were looking at this modal from their view, items they've added would be blue for them and purple for the manager.

To add an agenda item, click the plus icon.

As you add items, the numbers increase sequentially. Each agenda item has a gear icon. Clicking the icon allows you to add a category to that item. The lightning icon means that the action is required and this agenda item will be automatically added to the next meeting. If the person doesn’t have a regularly scheduled meeting, a tooltip will appear saying, “Action Required’ is available only for repeating schedule 1 on 1s”. The checkmark means that the item was resolved. The exclamation mark is marking the item as an important item. Lastly, you can delete the item if needed. You can drag items to reorder and you can drag items up to the repeating box above if necessary. Repeating agenda items do not have any category drop-down options.

Note: Upcoming agenda items are not linked to a specific meeting. Managers don’t have to manage meetings... if a meeting gets skipped, the agenda items will not be there for the next meeting. They only get associated with a particular meeting when the manager completes a 1 on 1.

The notes box will display notes made about the person since the last 1 on 1 and allow you to add new notes. By default, notes are private. That is, they are not shared with the person you are having the 1 on 1 with. Private notes are not included in the summary email when the meeting is over. Each note section has the option of being marked as ‘shared’ with the person you are having a 1 on 1 with. 

You can start a note by typing ‘#’ and the number of an agenda item. When you do, you link the note to that item and create a new note divider from the previous note. Notes will be organized by agenda item in the summary email. Every time you link a note to an agenda item, it adds a divider ABOVE the current note.


If you click the <#> icon, a drop-down appears that allows you to link the current note where the cursor is to an agenda item. If there are 3 agenda items, there will be three numbers in this dropdown. 



Concluding a 1 on 1


When you are done with a meeting, you can click the button for ‘Save for Later’ or ‘Finish 1 on 1’. 

Completing a 1 on 1


Clicking ‘Finish 1 on 1’ causes a summary email to be sent containing all the agenda items and shared notes. It also will redirect to an option for you to give an appreciation to that direct report. If you do not wish to give one at that time, click 'Close without a thanks'.


A completed email looks like the picture below. When it goes out, the Manager and the direct report will each get a separate email because for the manager, some items would be blue and for the direct report, some items would be blue depending on who is viewing it. Also, the manager's summary email will include all of her notes and the direct report's public notes. The direct report's email will contain all of their notes and the manager's public notes.

Save for Later


When a manager chooses the option to ‘Save for Later’, all items and notes will be saved until the next time you work on the 1 on 1. Any time there is an unfinished 1 on 1, the direct report will be bubbled under the 'Incomplete 1 on 1s' section, see below. From here you can either resume the 1 on 1 or finish it.