Adding an Interest 

  • Select your name in the top right.  In this case, "Leslie"
  • Add another interest and click 'Enter'.

Joining and Mailing Interest Groups 

  • Select "Insights" > 'Community and Team'
  • Select "Interest Map"
  • Here we can see what interests are already in the company and join them. 

  • You can also 'Mail the Group' and plan nights to get together and connect outside of work.

  • Email away! 

Deleting interest Groups

Did someone add the Boss' Daughter as an interest group? That's awkward! No worries, we can help with this!

  • Head to the drop down menu at the top of your screen next to your name and select 'Admin Tools'
  • Then head to 'Delete Interest'
  • Here you can type in that interest and Delete it!