Priorities will be a list of 'Things to do' between a manager and one of that manager’s direct reports. Motivosity's Priorities will include the ability to create, complete, and discuss Priorities. There will be a 'Priorities' Tab under 'Lead'. To 'Setup' this option head here. 

Creating Priorities

When a manager first clicks on the Priorities tab, it will appear as above. When selecting a direct report, their priorities will be listed below for you to review, edit or add. There will be a 'Current' priorities section as well as a 'Completed' section for you to distiguish the status of the priorities. 

You can add a new priority by clicking the '+' icon at the bottom of the 'Current' Priorities list. You can also move the order of the list by dragging the dotted icon to the left of the text of each priority. 

The list will show the date the priority was created, the age (how long the priority has been created) and the outcome. The outcome is the list of completions or status of the priority the 'Admin' will set up for managers to select from. When selecting the check box on the far right side of the priority, you'll choose the outcome you are wanting the priority to display as. 

If a priority is completed it will drop down the the 'Completed' section of the list. 

You also have the option to 'Download' the list of priorities if you'd like to bring it to an in-person conversation or 1 on 1.