There are so many things you can do with Motivosity! From connecting to recognizing, engaging managers and direct reports, and more. We decided we needed a good way to help administrators in the system manage which users have access to each. The license management tool will add functionality to the setup tab to do just that! The benefit to admins is showing an overview of what other licenses exist in Motivosity that they may not be taking advantage of.

Let's see how it works!


The first tab consists of two sections. A navigation tab, which is an overview of your license usage, and a section that allows you to learn more about the different licenses. The license information section will give a short overnew of each license type when selecting 'Explore'. 

After users are added, the licenses enabled and licenses used sections should update to match the changes.

If utilization is 100% exceeded, the used number will turn red and show a tooltip on mouse-over. If you exceed your license utilization, the additional amount will be added to your true-up fee in your next renewal. 

PLEASE NOTE: Users can be added both manually and by rules (with the exception of Connect). As the org chart updates, changes should automatically be carried out to update each user's access. None of the Motivosity licenses are mutually exclusive, so you can really get granular with mixing and matching. If you’ve purchased this license for your team, go ahead and start by clicking ‘Add New Rule’ below to define which users should get the licenses! (Note: A user could be granted access based on more than one rule, so the total added per rule may add up to more than the actual number of licenses you'll use, as shown above.)


The Connect license is Motivosity’s base functionality. Luckily for you, it’s automatically granted to all users who are added to your system. That means no need to manage rules! YAY!

Recognize, Lead, and Listen

There are a couple of options you have to manage users in each license. You can first start by 'Adding a Rule'. Each Rule will be listed under the 'Rules' section with who it's assigned to, the Rule Nickname, who it's created by, and how many total users were added. You also have the option to 'Import' which will allow you to grant access in bulk by adding the word 'recognize, lead, or Listen' to the license grant column when you do a user import. You can include more than one license in the license grant column if you separate them with commas, (e.g. recognize, lead, listen). 

To reset the rules, use the 'Reset Rules' option located next to the 'Add Rules' in each of the licenses.

PLEASE NOTE: The recognize, lead, and listen licenses will all function the same. 

Adding a new rule 

There are three ways to grant access:

Selecting "User" will allow you to assign one license to a specific person. Choosing "Manager" will auto-assign this license to each person in the chosen manager's organization, including themselves. The "Custom" option will let you use data values of users such as Country or Department to grant access.

Custom Rule 

First, add a rule nickname (if you do not add this text it will appear as Rule 1, Rule 2, etc...). Then choose who will be assigned this license by writing an expression, for example, department = 'Sales'. You can chain together multiple rules using 'and' and 'or'. For example: department = 'Sales' and countryCode = 'USA'. For more help with Custom License Rules, please email and our Motivosity experts will be able to help! :)