• Select "Insight" on the top banner of the home page.  
  • Select 'Recognition' then 'Recognition and Praise' 

Appreciations and Values

This shows each value and how many appreciations are tied to that value

What does "Just Because" mean?

"Just because" means when someone gave appreciation they didn't select a specific value to correlate with that appreciation.  Requiring an employee to select a specific value is not enabled because this chart is designed to help you know which values resonate with employees.  If you don't like seeing "Just Because" higher on your chart we'd love to explore some ways to help drive understanding and better internal communication about your values.

Recognitions Given Per Person

This shows recognitions given and received per person by department. You can filter this graph specifically to show Department or Country. 

Appreciations Given by Day

Take a look at the "Appreciation Given by Day" graph. This will show you which days most appreciations are given. We'd encourage you to look for slower days and give more often then.  Even if you are out of funds you can still recognize and associate $0 to it.  The most common days for giving are the beginning and end of the month.