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Appreciation Details Report


The Appreciation Details Report is the best place to see a detailed list of Appreciations given within the Motivosity Platform.

Navigating to the Appreciation Details Report

  1. Select "Insight" on the top banner of the home page.  
  2. Select 'Recognition' then 'Appreciation Details' 
  3. You'll then see the "Appreciation Details" Report

Filtering Appreciation Details

  • You can filter by "Date" "Country" "Manager" "Type" of Appreciation "Giver" or "Receiver" User's "Name" and "Department Name" by selecting the top right filter drop down icon
  • Selecting "Sentiment Meaningful" will show appreciations that are longer form

  • Select "Update" to show the results you filtered for
  • Selecting "Save filters as default" will save the filters you have toggled for to open every time you open this report
  • Select "Reset" to clear filter defaults

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