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The Preferences Setup page has A LOT of parts to it. We hope most of them are self-explanatory, but just in case you have a question about a specific part, use these links to jump to the section you need, or scroll to your heart's content.

Company Name

This shows how your company will be displayed within Motivosity and in emails that go out to your employees from Motivosity. It is also how the Motivosity Reps will see your Company Name on their side of the system.

Motivosity Point of Contact

This is for whoever is responsible for and maintaining Motivosity in your company. Go to 'Setup' -> 'Preferences' and type their(or your) name into the box titled 'Motivosity Point of Contact and when it comes up click their (or your) profile. The MV Point of Contact will get the updates on file uploads, low balance warnings, and will be our main contact when we need to reach out.

Important Note: You can only change this to a user who already exists in the system. So if you are trying to change this to a person who hasn't been added yet, add the user first, then you can come back and change the contact here.

Company Domain

You will likely need a specialized company domain. Your domain needs to be maximum 63 character long. It can only contain alphanumeric characters and hypens (-). It should not start or end with a hypen. Leaving this blank defaults to

Company Category

You can select a category that best describes your company. This can really help us understand what your company does and how you might be using Motivosity within your company.

User Profiles

This feature allows you to decide how much control users at your company has over their own profiles.  You can choose if you want to allow users to be able to change their own department name, if they should be able to change their job title, or if they should be able to change their own profile picture and background. 


The Feeds section has two different options for customization.  The first will let you choose if you want users to be able to add images to their applications and highlights.  The second allows you to add a custom note that users will see when they go to send someone an appreciation.

The Appreciation Disclaimer allows the administrator to set up a disclaimer to be shown under the appreciation box any time a user appreciates a co-worker. This could be to encourage employees to try to be genuine and specific with their appreciations or a reminder of guidelines for compliance. If you decide that you want to use this, do your best to let the message lend itself to the culture and values you are trying to strengthen. 

Just so you can see how this message shows up in in Motivosity,  Leslie added the text "Gratitude is my Favorite" in the Appreciation Disclaimer box and you can see how that shows up for a user who wants to give an appreciation above.


Keeping user information safe and secure is very important to us. This Security section will help you learn about MFA Passwords, and options for securing your user's passwords.

MFA Password

As an admin, certain actions in Motivosity will require a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) password.  An MFA Password is setup so that you can have various Admins in Motivosity to help you set things up, but the only people who can make decisions about REAL MONEY in Motivosity should have access to the MFA Password. So, to clarify, the MFA Password is DIFFERENT from your Login password because it is one that may be shared with other people. So write it down, keep it somewhere safe, and only share it with people who will be making financial decisions inside of motivosity.

One function that requires your MFA password is adding a credit card or bank account into Motivosity. When you click on this (or any similar function), you will be prompted to enter your password. 

To change your MFA password you will need to type in your current MFA password before setting a new one. This password is very important, so make sure to remember it!

If you have lost or forgotten your MFA Password and need it to be reset, send a ticket to requesting your MFA password to be reset. It'll be reset in a giffy!

Enforce Password Expiration

One way to keep your users logins secure is by setting their passwords to expire. You can change adjust the setting here so that your users passwords expire every 3, 6 or 12 months. You can also leave it so that they never expire.

Allow sign in with regular credentials

If you have integrated with a SSO (Single-Sign On) Service, you can decide if you want to force users to sign in that way (toggled "Off") or if you will also let them sign in using their email address and a password they've created (toggled "On")

Data Retention

Users will come and go. When they go, you can choose to save their data or not. 

If a user leaves and comes back (and you have saved their data) you can "Reactivate" them.  To do this click on "Insights" at the top of the page, click on "See All" in the Community and Team Box. Select "Deactivated Users" then you can "Activate" the user you would like to come back.

Application Interface

Here you can change the Logo Image as well as the color scheme of the platform. Click 'Change' to add your company logo. To change the colors, type in your Hex color codes (a simple internet search for "Hex Color Codes" will help you pick the perfect colors) and Kaboom!


You can customize the appearance of currency in Motivosity.  As you can see in the warning below, money is considered to be in USD as it is exchanged within Motivosity. To help with that understanding, we strongly recommend you keep the $ as the symbol. 

You CAN change what these "Motivosity Bucks" are called to be unique for your company. Because naming schemes can be complicated, you can change the singular version and the plural version of your unique currency name.

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