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Motivosity Point of Contact

This is for whoever is responsible for and maintaining Motivosity in your company. Go to 'Setup' -> 'Preferences' and type their(or your) name into the box titled 'Motivosity Point of Contact and when it comes up click their (or your) profile. The MV Point of Contact will get the updates on file uploads, low balance warnings, and will be our main contact when we need to reach out.

Adding a Company Domain

You will likely need a specialized company domain. Most companies will put their company name as the domain as shown in the screenshot. You add your company domain by going to 'Setup' -> 'Preferences'.

User Profiles

This feature will prevent users from changing their departments and titles. Go to 'Setup' -> 'Preferences' and uncheck the boxes to disallow employees from changing their profiles. When the boxes are checked users will be able to change their own department or title.

Appreciation disclaimer

This optional feature will set up in Motivosity Setup Section 1. Preferences under your Feeds preferences.

It allows the administrator to set up a disclaimer to be shown under the appreciation box any time a user appreciates a co-worker.

The use case could be to encourage employees to try to be genuine and specific with their appreciations or a reminder of guidelines for compliance. If you decide that you want to use this, do your best to let the message lend itself to the culture and values you are trying to strengthen.

MFA Password

Send a ticket to requesting your MFA password to be reset. It'll be reset in a giffy!

As an admin, certain actions in Motivosity will require a MFA password. You can create or change your MFA password in the Preferences page in the Setup tab.

One such function that requires your MFA password is adding a credit card or bank account into Motivosity. When you click on one of these functions, you will be prompted to enter your password. Once you enter your password correctly, you will see a timer at the top of the page(see screenshot below) that tells you how much time is left on your MFA token. Once the timer ends you will need to re-enter your MFA password before completing any function that requires the MFA password.

To change your MFA password you will need to type in your current MFA password before setting a new one. This password is very important, so make sure to remember it!

Force password security

You can force users to have a password that is at least 8 characters and includes at least one number and one symbol or upper-case letter. You can also force users passwords to expire every 3, 6 or 12 months.

Application Interface

Here you can change the Logo Image as well as the color scheme of the platform. Click 'Change' to add your company logo. To change the colors, type in your Hex color codes and Kaboom!

Email Template

Here you can change how Motivosity appears to email recipients. You can, if you would like, change the logo image as well as the color gradients.

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