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1 on 1 Meeting Overview + FAQ


This article is an overview of the 1 on 1 Meetings and FAQ:

  • Scheduling a 1 on 1 Meeting - Please click here
  • Preparing for a 1 on 1 Meeting - Please click here.
  • Starting a 1 on 1 Meeting - Please click here.
  • Resuming a 1 on 1 Meeting - Please click here.

Manager Development + Meeting Management FAQ

Can I turn the A.I. (Carl) off in Manager Development?

Not right now. We want to see how much value we can build from releasing an AI tool in Motivosity, and we need everyone’s help to use it and learn with us. At some point we will most likely create the option to turn it off. (in the meantime, you certainly do not have to use it) 

Where does the A.I. pull information to make suggestions and create a summary of the 1 on 1? 

Carl will pull information from previous 1 on 1 agenda items, notes and summaries (if you’ve been using Carl). He also pulls information from personality types, job responsibilities and more information listed on employee profiles. 

Are my suggestions with Coach Carl secure?

Information provided to Coach Carl is maintained for 30 days to protect against potential abuse. It is not stored long term and is not used for any further training of the Large Language Model. The use of a third party language model falls under the same terms of use as Motivosity's other data sub-processors. Further information regarding how Motivosity monitors and controls the flow of data among sub-service providers can be found in our Annual SOC II Report.

Can I start a 1 on 1 meeting without my direct report integrating their Calendar?

We encourage our users to integrate their Calendar with Motivosity to continue the usage of 1 on 1 meetings. The direct report will not be able to access the 1 on 1 meeting without the integration connected to Motivosity.

How do I schedule 1 on 1s, Team Meetings and Peer to Peer meetings? 

The best way to schedule meetings is to use your current calendar client, either Google or Outlook and then those meetings will refresh inside of Motivosity once Motivosity is linked to the calendar.

How do I convert old calendar invites that have Motivosity as the meeting organizer? 

When you integrate your calendar Motivosity will read those as your next 1 on 1 meeting. If you would like to have more control and flexibility around scheduling and moving those meetings around on your calendar it is recommended that you duplicate those calendar invites and then delete the old invites that has Motivosity as the host. This will give you complete control over moving those meetings around. Once the new 1 on 1 meetings are scheduled Motivosity will read those new meetings as your 1 on 1s.

Does information I put in Motivosity show up in my calendar on Google or Outlook?

Yes, anything that is scheduled in Motivosity will show up on your calendar.

Can I create a recurring meeting in Motivosity?

Yes you can schedule a recurring meeting in Motivosity but our scheduling tool is limited. We encourage users to schedule their meetings inside of the calendar client. 

Is there a way for me to see availability when I create a meeting?

The best way to see availability and who has accepted or declined is to review that on your calendar client, Google or Outlook.

How do I use the new Action Items features?

While you are in a meeting and entering notes, you can enter a note and click on the 3 dot menu and mark the note as an action item. That note will then be added to the next meeting in the agenda item inbox, titled as follow-up items from the last meeting.

How do I connect my video conferencing tools? 

Your video conferencing link is brought over in the calendar invite. So as long as you have a zoom, teams, or google meetings video conferencing link inside of your meeting invite on your calendar then Motivosity will link to your video conferencing tools.

How to create Repeating Agenda items in the new version? 

The repeating agenda items will be part of the new agenda item inbox. Click on the 3 dot menu next to an agenda item and select repeating. This will add the meeting to all future meetings. This will show up in the agenda item inbox and need to be added to the meeting agenda. This will be a similar workflow for adding agenda items for future discussion in meetings. 

I have my 1 on 1 scheduled on my calendar but my employee and I are not in the same meeting and notes are not sharing? 

You will want to double check both users' calendars to make sure there is only one meeting with both participants on the each persons calendar.  If there are two meetings at the same time with the same participants on either participants calendar then Motivosity will have a hard time putting both participants in the same meeting. Just delete one of the duplicate meetings to make sure that both calendars reflect one meeting.  

How do I connect my Google or Outlook calendar to Motivosity?

Login into Motivosity and on the left hand side of the screen you will see a calendar widget that says connect your calendar. Follow the on screen prompts and then look for your calendar events to be listed in the calendar. 

Have further questions? Feel free to reach out to our Motivosity support team by submitting a ticket here.

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