Now that you have your 1 on 1's scheduled with your team, you'll want to start planning those meetings! To prepare for an upcoming 1 on 1, you'll want to do the following: 

  1. Select the direct report you would like to prepare a 1 on 1 for
  2. Use any of the following sections to prepare for the 1 on 1:
    1. Previous 1 on 1:
      1. Here you will be able to select any agenda items from a previous 1 on 1 and add them to the next meeting. To do this you'll want to select the ADD icon next to the agenda item.
    2. Agenda:
      1. Repeating Agenda Items:
        1. This is where you will see repeating agenda items from previous 1 on 1s
        2. You can add repeating agenda items to this section by dragging items from the agenda section
      2. Other Agenda Items: 
        1.  You can add in an agenda item by typing in the box that says, "Add agenda item..."
      3. Priorities:
        1. You can add in a priority item by typing in the box that says, "Add a priority"
    3. Notes:
      1. To add a note in this section, go ahead and start typing any notes you want!
  3. Once you are finished, you'll want to save everything you just prepared for by selecting the "Save for Later" button at the bottom of the screen

Tips & Tricks: You can add notes attached to specific agenda items by selecting the <#> button and select the appropriate agenda item.

Now that you are set to have an amazing 1 on 1, you'll need to know how to start the meeting. You can learn how to start a 1 on 1 here.