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Signing into Motivosity Using Single-Sign-On (SSO)


There are a few different ways you can sign in to Motivosity. Your company may have configured Motivosity with a custom URL ([YOUR-COMPANY] and a custom sign-in page. Here you will find instructions on how to use a custom login page, and note the differences between these and the standard Motivosity sign-in experience.

How to Sign In to Motivosity via SSO

There are two ways to sign-in to Motivosity if your company uses SSO.

Option One:

  1. Visit When prompted, enter your work email. Click Next
  2. After you have selected “Next” one of the following will happen:
    1. If your company has enabled sign sign-on, you will be redirected to your company’s single sign-on portal. Sign in with your company credentials from here. Afterwards, you will be redirected to Motivosity.
    2. If you have already signed in to your company single sign-on, you will be automatically signed in to Motivosity.

Option Two:

  1. Ask your administrator for the URL of your custom Motivosity login page. The URL will be something like [YOUR-COMPANY]
  2. You will be redirected to a custom login page.
  3. After entering your username and password, you will automatically arrive back at Motivosity.

Issues While Signing In to Motivosity 

You may encounter one of the following issues when signing in with single sign-on. 

  1. Your company has single sign-on enabled, but you aren’t being redirected to your login portal or signed in to Motivosity
    1. If you are seeing either of these options above, it typically means you are using an email that is not associated with an account in Motivosity. To resolve this please check with your Motivosity Administrator to confirm what email you should be using to sign in. 

If you are still experiencing any issues while trying to sign in to Motivosity, please feel free to reach out to our amazing Support Team by submitting a ticket through our Help Center here.

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