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Bulk Awards & Achievements

Bulk Awards are here!

Please Note: You'll need to have the Recognition or Achievement award created previously to use the bulk award functionality.

How to use Bulk Awards (Have your MFA Password ready):

Step 1: Head to your Admin Tools > Bulk Awards and Achievements and click 'Upload Bulk Award or Achievement'.

Step 2: Input your MFA Password.

Step 3: Bulk Awards & Achievements modal will appear.

Step 4: Either select a file or download current template. If this is your first time, we recommend downloading the current template to find an example on how to input information onto the spreadsheet. 

Please see example below:

Step 5: Inputting the users who shall receive the bulk award/achievement. Please be sure to fill out all the columns with the necessary information or the upload will throw an error prompt.

Step 6: Select your file and click 'Save'.

Step 7: You will get a prompt of a successful upload and to check your email for a confirmation. The group award should now appear on your home feed!

If you are still experiencing any issues while attempting a bulk award or achievement, please feel free to reach out to our amazing Support Team by submitting a ticket through our Help Center here.

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