Customize Your Orgchart with Custom Fields

Have you always wanted to add more details to your orgchart, reports, dashboards, and in searching for employees in the database?  Good news, "Custom Fields" are now available.  You can add up to 5 customizable fields on your OrgChart.  Imagine you could slice and dice your data by Department (HR), Sub Department (Total Rewards), Job Code (001-2020), and Accounting Unit (041595).  You are not limited to these categories but literally could do anything you want.  T-shirt size?  Yup.  Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?  Yup.  Beyonce vs JLo?  You can create whatever fields you want in understanding your team on Motivosity.

To learn how to Setup, Upload, Customize, and Filter by this data, please take a look at all the details in this article.  We have a helpful video and step by step instructions on custom fields.  Please also reach out to us at with any additional questions you might have.  We also are happy to weigh in on the Queen B vs J Lo debate... 

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