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Giving and Receiving Dashboard

  • Select "Insight" on the top banner.
  • Then select 'Money' and 'Giving and Receiving'
  • Filter by Date, Country, Hierarchy, Person's Name, or Department Name by clicking the carrot icon on the top right.  

Allocated and Given

This is how much you have budgeted to be spent and how much has been given during the filtered time frame. 

Motivosity Bucks Received

This is how much money everyone has in their spending balance and how much has been redeemed during the filtered time frame. 

Average % Given

This is the average percentage of what has been given based on departments. 

Motivosity Bucks Received by Type

This is how much has been received for each type of appreciation during the filtered time frame. 


This is the average % given in the last 6 months split in graphs for everyone and managers so you can better see the trend line for your company. This also shows the trend line for the actual bucks given through the 6-month timeline.  

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