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We all know those people who like to compete and win.  Good news, Motivosity has got your back!


The leaderboard on the home screen of Motivosity is great for competitive people.  Who is giving the most?  Who is receiving the most?  If you actually hover over the info button on the bottom of that widget, you'll see how points are added.  We've had some customers where employees are giving 200 appreciations a month... why?  They want to be on the top of the leaderboard.  What is wrong with 200 appreciations in 30 days?  Nothing... we LOVE it!

Team Challenges

Are you having a hard time getting a team to login to Motivosity?  Have a team challenge.  "Whichever team all signs into Motivosity and has 100% of the team give an appreciation, receives a pizza lunch on the company.  Ready, set, go!"  We've seen team challenges about looking for the good, giving appreciations, getting to know others, weight loss challenges, and more.  Motivosity is a great place for banter, cheering each other on, and giving awards.  If you don't want to give a pizza lunch for example, give everyone $5 in Motivosity!  Don't have a budget, give them an award for bragging rights and it will appear on their profile page.

Individual Challenge

Let's talk about a personal challenge we have many clients do... the infamous Biggest Loser Competition.  "Anyone who loses 5%+ BMI in the next 90 days wins!"  Employees can share a highlight of a before pic and an highlight with an after pic.  This allows people to cheer them on, give words of encouragement, and celebrate progress.  If pics are something you don't want to do, then create an award for everyone who loses more than 5% BMI and give that award out after 90 days.

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