External Giving is a great way to expand the appreciations being created within your company to anyone else!! Once you have set up the external giving campaign (click here to set that up now) you'll be able to enter in the email of any person you'd like to give an appreciation to. If you do not see this option below when you enter an email, it could be because you are not authorized to give external giving. 

If you do, continue to fill out the text with the name of the person you are going to appreciate, the note you want to add, and the amount you are wanting to give. 

You have the option to 'Preview' the email to see what will show when sent to the recipient. 

From there, you can 'Submit' and send the appreciation to the recipient. 

Here are some other things to keep in mind: 

If you head to 'Insights' - 'Money' - 'External Giving' this report will show you all external giving that has been sent and the transaction history. You can also check that the email entered is correct as that sometimes is why the recipient does not receive the email. 

The status has three different options: Waiting Approval, Approved, Redeemed, and Expired. Waiting Approval is when the appreciation needs to be approved by the selected approver to be sent to the recipient. When approved the status will change. When the approved status is changed to redeemed, you will know the customer used it. The email will be re-sent to the recipient automatically every week for 3 weeks and then will expire if they never used it, so unfortunately you cannot manually re-send or edit the current one. 

If the recipient hasn't received their email, have them search their email inbox including spam for noreply@motivosity.com as that's how the external giving is sent. 
If they have still not received the email in the 3-4 week span, and the status will change to expired in the report, and you can then recreate and resend another external giving for them to use.